Better care, together

By enabling those in the healthcare sector to mobilize the most relevant healthcare data and innovations for care, Lifen helps them to care better by caring together.

Our Vision

The relevance of care pathways and the development of preventive medicine are the two key issues in the creation of an efficient healthcare system.

In order to make such a development possible in the world of healthcare, healthcare actors must work together.

At Lifen, we are working on making this possible.

Our healthcare solutions

We develop digital solutions that allow every healthcare professional to instantly access the most relevant health data and innovations so that they can provide the best care.


Active community

Every month, we reach more than 120,000 doctors in France through the sharing of more than two million medical reports.

Sense of teamwork

We build bridges between those working in healthcare and those working with information systems.


Security is at the heart of Lifen. We meet the highest security standards for data protection, and are Health Data Hosting and ISO 27 001 certified and GDPR compliant.

Our core values

Our corporate culture is based on a simple idea: that innovation is born from constraint. We thrive on the complexities of the healthcare sector, taking full advantage of them to ensure our solutions are highly relevant to healthcare players.


At Lifen, the responsible and secure management of health data is not a hindrance to innovation, but a prerequisite that stimulates it.

Focus on usage

To help health professionals in a concrete way, we must adapt to their uses rather than asking them to do the opposite. This requires the finest possible understanding of their practice.

Move fast

In healthcare, acting quickly can save lives. We must innovate and propose concrete solutions faster than others. This should be done collectively, but also at the individual level, by valuing autonomy.

The management team

Franck Le Ouay

Co-founder & CEO

After working with Criteo (which he co-founded) until their IPO on the Nasdaq, he chose to focus on healthcare by carrying out an ambitious project that contributes to improving everyone's daily lives. This is how Lifen was born.

Alexandre Huckert

Co-founder & Product Manager

An entrepreneur trained in Silicon Valley, he went on to found Planning de Garde. Today, he wants to ensure that all healthcare professionals are able to communicate with each other easily, to improve efficiency.

Etienne Depaulis

Co-founder & Senior Engineer

The multi-entrepreneur with a passion for disruptive technologies founded Planning de Garde with Alexandre Huckert. Now, he guides his teams through the construction of Lifen's technological components.

Marc Xavier

Sales Director

With extensive experience in major digital companies, he notably created Criteo's subsidiary in Australia. His proudest achievement with Lifen is that everyone who did the trial ended up adopting the platform. He is fighting for this to continue in the future.

Dali Kilani

Technical Director

A recognized technologist, Dali spent 12 years at exponentially growing American startups.. He has set himself the challenge of raising security at Lifen to the most demanding levels.

Guillaume Laguette

Marketing Director

After 6 years of experience in consumer brand management, he spent 4 years leading a marketing team in the digital recruitment industry. Since 2019, he has been building Lifen's marketing strategy.

Accompanied by

Philippe Douste-Blazy

President of the Strategic Committee and honorary co-founder

Former Minister both of Social Affairs and Health, and of Foreign Affairs and Culture, he helped to coordinate the various health care players, both public and private, with Lifen.

William Eclancher

General Practitioner

As a general practitioner, he sees digital technology as a tremendous opportunity to transform the practice of medicine. At Lifen, he ensures that the technological solutions developed are in line with the needs of physicians.

Start implementing our different solutions

Whether you are a CIO or an application developer, we will get in touch with you to establish your specific needs.