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Our project aims to enable caregivers to mobilize all of the data and innovations that are relevant to their care.

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Overly high barriers continue to block access to digital healthcare

Today, healthcare products and healthcare organizations can face many obstacles when it comes to rolling out new solutions. Integrating them with existing software is long and complex, just like registering healthcare professionals and patients.

We provide healthcare products and healthcare organizations with the tools they need to successfully implement e-health solutions: an app store, standardized connectors for IS integration, and a catalog of Lifen service APIs.


An App Store to facilitate access to innovation

The App Store designed by Lifen allows each user to access a catalog of partner applications.  

Solution providers can distribute their solutions more easily, while reducing operational friction among users.


Standardized connectors that simplify IS integration

No need for multiple connectors. With a single integration, vendors can implement their solutions across all Lifen user organizations.

For organizations, a single connector allows them to implement all of the applications available in the App Store.

This drastically reduces costs and integration time.

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An API catalog to accelerate development

Lifen provides a set of APIs to enable solution providers to focus on their innovations by using technology components that have already been proven in the field, such as directory, AI, messaging, and the National Medical Record.

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The problem is the lack of a "global vision" because the initiatives are not coordinated, and the software is often old and cannot communicate with other software.

Dominique Pon, Strategic Manager for Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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