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Lifen provides APIs that are connected healthcare organizations' IS and assists you in the rollout of your solutions.

Trusted by more than 400 healthcare organizations
Safety is at the heart of our business

Benefit from significant market penetration

Lifen works with more than 40% of the hospitals. By using Lifen, you can focus on your product and innovation.

Integrate with Hospitals IS in less than an hour

Lifen has developed APIs based on the global healthcare standard, FHIR, so you can benefit from tomorrow's inter-operability today.

Enjoy maximum security for your product

Lifen meets all the highest data security standards and is HDS certified.


Lifen brings you the power of APIs and the cloud.

No need to multiply connectors. Rollout your solutions easily to all Lifen user establishments.

We are currently developing 3 types of connectors: National Medical Record supply, Electronic Patient Record Integration, Patient pathway reading.

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Lifen API

Use powerful APIs

With our FHIR REST APIs, you can easily access a directory of healthcare professionals or a patient's administrative information, as well as send a document through a secure mail, to an Electronic Patient Record on into the National Medical Record.



Lifen uses the FHIR standard.

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is the global health data standard available in REST API, which avoids the limitations of the HL7 push system.

This standard allows you to share all the health data you need via API, in formats that are internationally interoperable, and extensible and adaptable to your own needs.

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A secure and simplified authentication system

Our Lifen Connect SDK can be used for both authentication and authorization. Lifen Connect is based on the OAuth 2.0 implementation, and is compliant with the OpenID Connect specification.

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