Better care, together.

Lifen makes it possible for those involved in the healthcare industry to provide care together, by enabling them to deliver the most relevant medical data and innovations in healthcare.

+ 400
Healthcare organizations
+ 120 000
+ 2 000 000
medical documents sent monthly

An offer suited to every healthcare players

We create digital solutions that allow every healthcare professional and developers to instantly access the most relevant medical data and innovations.

We make solutions
simple and better integrated

We build bridges between those working in the health sector and information systems, and guarantee secure exchanges between more than 120,000 doctors.

Better care, together

High barriers continue to block access to digital healthcare

Today, healthcare products and healthcare organizations can face many obstacles when it comes to rolling out new solutions. Integrating them with existing software is long and complex, just like registering healthcare professionals and patients.

We provide healthcare products and healthcare organizations with the tools they need to successfully implement e-health solutions: an app store, standardized connectors for IS integration, and a catalog of Lifen service APIs.

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Working together with all healthcare players

Private practitioners

We provide physicians with simple and secure tools that enable them to share medical information with their colleagues and patients more effectively.

Hospitals & clinics

We provide health establishments with greater insight into their medical data feeds. Hospitals can now improve their regional presence and manage their operating budgets.


To retain authority over the healthcare sector, the private-public alliance is essential. We simplify the rollout of government-designed tools by adopting a user-centric approach.

Healthcare products

Today, innovative players in the healthcare sector face significant barriers to entry. We are accelerating the rollout of their solutions, so they can devote their efforts to innovation.

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