Everyone deserves high-quality and accessible healthcare.

Our digital solutions connect all stakeholders – providers, payors, governments, technology companies, researchers and patients – for a health system that is truly built around the patient.


€ 50 million to bring digital health to the heart of the hospital.

The digital transition of the care system is an opportunity to address this challenge. To do this, it is necessary to simplify access to the market for solution providers. Lifen aims to solve this problem for all players.

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Our solutions

Lifen develops tools that facilitate cooperation between all stakeholders in the healthcare system. We structure health data using our own, highly trained Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and make it easier for clinical and administrative staff to benefit from the best, modern-day medical technology innovations.


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Discover how Lifen connects systems, standardises health data and allows it to flow securely between facilities and third-party services, for a seamless care model that meets the needs and demands of today’s patients.

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