Better care,

Everyone deserves high-quality, accessible and financially sustainable healthcare. To achieve this vision, the flow of timely, accurate, and comprehensive information along the entire care pathway is required.

Lifen enables instant access to quality health data and innovations for the best possible care. Our digital solutions connect all stakeholders – providers, payors, governments, technology companies, and researchers – for a health system
that is truly built around the patient.

the Interoperability Puzzle

Healthcare is one of the great success stories of the past century, doubling life expectancy while eradicating some diseases and making previously deadly illnesses survivable.

However, as populations age and the global burden of disease shifts towards NCDs and chronic illnesses, the gap between demand and supply of health services continues to widen. This is a global challenge, the response to which lies in digital technology.

Lifen was founded to be part of that solution.

Lifen was created to overcome obstacles
that are still in the way

Health care data has traditionally been stored
across multiple, often incompatible information
systems, making care coordination, real-time
analytics, and knowledge discovery difficult.
Lifen mitigates this complexity by seamlessly
connecting solutions across the board.

On premise systems struggle to connect with innovative products and services that are essential to extend the care pathway beyond the walls of the hospital. That’s why our data connectors create universal interoperability.

The highest standards of protection are rightfully applied to health care data. Nothing could be more personal and sensitive, and innovation should never compromise security.
Our technology requires no tradeoff between scalable innovation and security.

Our core values

Our corporate culture is based on a simple idea: that innovation is born from constraint. We thrive on the complexities of the healthcare sector, taking full advantage of them to ensure our solutions are highly relevant to healthcare players.


At Lifen, the responsible and secure management of health data is not a hindrance to innovation, but a prerequisite that stimulates it.

Focus on usage

To help health professionals in a concrete way, we must adapt to their uses rather than asking them to do the opposite. This requires the finest possible understanding of their practice.

Move fast

In healthcare, acting quickly can save lives. We must innovate and propose concrete solutions faster than others. This should be done collectively, but also at the individual level, by valuing autonomy.


The operating system for healthcare

While our technology is advanced, our goal is simple – to improve patient care by helping developers and providers successfully implement e-health solutions.

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