Lifen integration

AI-powered intelligent automation for medical documents

An all-in-one solution that processes and efficiently integrates documents from any source into your preferred system of record. The full potential of medical documents, unlocked.

Take medical record completion to the next level

Have a complete, up-to-date and easily available overview of patient status for better decision-making and diagnostic purposes.

Eliminate human error

Artificial Intelligence automatically detects, structures and files away all the relevant information using technologies such as Optical Character Recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning.

Reduce costs

Embracing digital innovation is synonymous with a significant budget reduction: Maintenance costs and expenditure on contractors are reduced, and document processing backlogs are minimised.

automated ePr ingestion

Document integration made easy

Lifen Integration receives medical documents from any existing sources and automatically transfers them to your preferred system of record. The solution receives, processes and efficiently integrates hand-carried documents, faxes, paper mail, server documents, scanned documents, emails, and documents produced by software, both on-premise and outside of the facility.

Greater efficiency and accuracy

Minimal human intervention

Lifen’s industry-leading Artificial Intelligence algorithms (based on highly trained Machine Learning models and the latest Natural Language Processing advances) identify relevant information within the document to automatically file it in the preferred centralised health record or document archive. It does so in a structured format, tagged with document type, sender, recipient and patient information.


Unlock a new level of performance

Automated monthly audit reporting makes it straightforward to manage the performance of your inbound document filing process. When issues are identified, the tool provides a recommendation along with a clearly defined confidence level. Auditors can then investigate a granular audit trail down to user action logs, so that the root cause can be quickly and accurately identified.

faster billing and claiming

No more insurance backlogs

Reduce your working capital by increasing the speed at which bills are issued, and claims are filed with insurers. Your consultants can continue to use their own Practice Management System to document their clinical care. Only now the documents of record produced by them will be pushed to the facility’s Electronic Health Records and integrated within seconds.

lifen & you

The Intelligent Integration Engine for Healthcare

Learn how Lifen can help you unlock the full benefits of health data, automate routine tasks and gain exceptional visibility into your facility's performance.

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Certified Health Data Hosting

An in-depth audit attested to Lifen's compliance with the HDS health data hosting standard.


Lifen is in full compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

ISO 27 001

Lifen is certified ISO 27 001, the international standard for information system security.

For each referred patient, the doctor needs to have access to all the relevant information - the treatments that have already been received, any history of adverse reactions... If we do not have all this information, we cannot provide optimal care. Before Lifen, it took us 7 to 10 days to receive a simple specialist report. Several patients would be sent home with medical problems that we were unaware of, simply because we had not yet received such information.

Sandra Malak, MD, Curie Institute

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Lifen develops tools that facilitate cooperation between all stakeholders in the healthcare system. Thanks to our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, we unlock the full potential of health data... and of human synergies.

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