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One connection, endless possibilities.

We facilitate, accelerate and secure the deployment of digital health solutions within hospital Information Systems via one single integration.

A comprehensive suite
of tools and services meet the needs of care providers
and digital health solutions alike.

The Lifen App Store provides access to a catalog of partner applications, while giving solution providers an avenue through which to easily distribute their solutions.

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An identity management suite covering all identification and authorisation scenarios focused on issues specific to the health space, including SSO. It offers built-in, modular user flows for KYC functionality (identity verification) and 2FA authentication.

A single connector allows organisations to implement all of the applications available in the Lifen App Store, drastically reducing cost and the duration of integrations. Similarly, vendors can implement their solutions across all Lifen user organisations with a single integration.  All services are accessible through standardized APIs.

How Lifen helps

Take patient care to the next level by enabling access to comprehensive and exploitable healthcare data.

Find out how Lifen Platform empowers providers and digital health solution developers by browing our tailored options

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare organisations invest significant funds in existing IT systems, yet often struggle to use them to their fullest potential. Poor interoperability is usually the reason why.

Lifen Platform makes your IT systems fullyinteroperable and enhances their flexibility, security, and sustainability in the process.

Digital Health Solutions

As a solutions developer, your focus is on constantly improving your product and creating new features that match real-world needs.

You have the vision and clinical expertise, we have the tools to handle everything else.

Lifen Platform provides you with a solid technology foundation that supports and empowers digital health solutions at every stage of their journey from market entry to scaling, including international expansion.


is possible at the speed of digital innovation!

The Lifen suite of interoperability tools has connected cloud-based solutions to hundreds of electronic health records and patient administration systems.

Lifen works with IT teams to make integration a smooth and speedy process, reducing project timelines from several months to mere weeks.

Lifen Platform and project management expertise
allow for fast and secure interoperability, delivering the tools clinicians and administrators need to quickly raise the quality and efficiency of services.

Enhanced security and compliance

Enhance your readiness for compliance and IT security audits.

Lifen Platform  features innovative new functionalities to provide clients and partners with unprecedented levels of control over the flow of data.

As pioneers in the field of encrypted medical communications, data privacy and the highest standards of security are in our DNA.

Through our services, more than 2 million medical documents are securely sent every month to enhance continuity of care and to satisfy national regulations on patient data repositories.

Product evaluation and adoption

Unlock the value of cutting-edge cloud-based innovation.

Lifen is here to help you to identify, discover, and vet cutting-edge solutions.

From small proof of concepts and pilot projects to massive rollouts across multiple locations and geographies, we help you to unlock the value of technology wherever it may take you.

We provide an infrastructure layer, closely connected to your primary systems, opening entirely new horizons of digital products and services which will improve patient care while reducing healthcare costs.

Rapid integration and deployment

We carry the burden of the integration work

Rather than expose your teams to the dysfunctions of legacy systems, allow us to carry the burden of integration.

We can do any integration as a service, in a fraction of the anticipated time. Delight your prospective hospital clients with a guarantee of rapid deployment and rock-solid go-live dates.

Our vast network of existing hospital and clinic clients can already leverage existing APIs to connect to your innovation.

Performance, maintenance, and compliance support

Decrease your exposure to risk

Signing a contract and deploying the product are merely the price of entry. A truly successful lifecycle and the firm establishment of your digital service or product in the healthcare marketplace are determined by other factors: User Adoption, Reliability, Security & compliance.

We provide tools that will reassure your prospective client, speeding up the sales cycle, and the platform technology layer gives peace of mind to both sides across time.

Our solutions

Lifen develops tools that facilitate cooperation between all stakeholders in the healthcare system. Thanks to our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, we unlock the full potential of health data... and of human synergies.


The operating system for healthcare

While our technology is advanced, our goal is simple – to improve patient care by helping developers and providers successfully implement e-health solutions.

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