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Our Challenge

At Lifen, we believe that everyone deserves high-quality, accessible, and financially sustainable healthcare.

So we collectively vouch to do everything in our power to make hospitals a better place for everyone.

A place where patients can be sure to obtain optimal care, where practitioners feel empowered to make sound decisions, and where clerical staff experience less stress from repetitive tasks.

Together, we believe we can make a difference!

Lifen is brimming with positive energy and a strive for continuous improvement

Hélène, Lifen's Chief of Staff and public sector healthcare expert

Our Values

Our work culture draws its roots on the mindset of our commited, tight-knit team of professionals of all backgrounds. The Lifener experience is just as much about celebrating our accomplishments as it is about cherishing the lessons we learned.

Embracing Complexity

Healthcare is complex, and the advanced technologies that allow us to unlock synergies between different systems are even more so. Being a Lifener equals being willing to walk down a winding road with an open mind and tenacity in lieu of a compass!

Real Impact

Technology is but the means to get to an end, and our ultimate goal has nothing to do with numbers on a screen - it’s all about the people. We place patients, practitioners and all those involved in the healthcare enterprise at the very heart of everything we do.


More than just a beautiful French word for ‘kindness’. We consider it absolutely essential to nurture an open and friendly work culture where people of all backgrounds and walks of life feel welcome and empowered to do their best.

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