Digitizing medical communications at scale

We make hospitals paperless by automating document integration to EHR thanks to our proprietary AI technology.

Reduce costs, save time

Go completely paperless: drastically reduce your costs and the time spent on sending mail.

Automate sendings
from PMS

Our AI enables directly the connection of PMS & EHR to ensure the integration of medical documents.

Ensure your exchanges
are entirely secure

Lifen meets all the highest standards of data security.

Artificial intelligence

Unlock the potential of medical data with
our AI

Our Artificial Intelligence is able to detect all of the following key information on a document, and respond to all of the associated use cases: Text and layout extraction; Patient traits; Document type; Stay information; Sender information; Recipient information; Pseudonymised sensitive information.

Our AI has been trained on more than 26 millions medical documents.


Document integration made easy

Lifen has built machine learning algorithms that turn medical documents into structured data. This enabled us to bridge the interoperability gap.

Our AI detects data inconsistencies in EHR output, formats that data and pushes clean data back to the EHR.

This structured data is also accessible for external purposes through our APIs.


Make your patient communication paperless

Healthcare data has traditionally been stored
across multiple, often incompatible information systems, making care coordination, real-time analytics, and knowledge discovery difficult.

Lifen Sending enables healthcare organisations to communicate with the patient in a secured space.

They will receive an e-mail notification and will be able to consult their documents directly from their web browser.

Our solutions

Lifen develops tools that facilitate cooperation between all stakeholders in the healthcare system. Thanks to our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, we unlock the full potential of health data... and of human synergies.

lifen & you

The operating system for healthcare

While our technology is advanced, our goal is simple – to improve patient care by helping developers and providers successfully implement e-health solutions.

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