Lifen's C-suite

Franck Le Ouay

Co-founder & CEO

Franck is an acclaimed engineer and entrepreneur. He co-founded Criteo in 2004, one of the most successful European adtech start-ups listed on Nasdaq since 2013. In 2015, he co-founded Lifen to help remove the obstacles to innovation in the health sector.

Alexandre Huckert

Co-founder & COO

Alex began his career as an entrepreneur and product manager in Silicon Valley. Upon moving back to Europe, he co-founded Planning de Garde, a shift management app for healthcare professionals. In 2015, he joined forces with Franck and Etienne to launch Lifen.

Etienne Depaulis

Co-founder & Senior Engineer

Etienne is driven engineer and software architect. He is also a prolific entrepreneur with a passion for healthcare and disruptive technologies. He co-founded Planning the Garde with Alex, prior to embracing a new challenge that we now know as Lifen.

Maria Camila Santamaria

Chief Human Ressource Officer

Camila is a multilingual Human Resources professional with a decade of experience in both large-scale multinational companies and start-ups alike. Recognised for her outstanding leadership and management skills, she specialises in talent acquisition and development.

Dali Kilani

Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned technologist with extensive hands-on experience leading both small and large engineering and product teams, Dali has set himself the challenge of raising health data security to the most demanding levels. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of technologies, from architecting and building complex hardware systems to massive web-scale applications.

Marc Xavier

Chief Revenue Officer

Marc is a recognised business expert with a wealth of experience in large digital companies. Prior to joining Lifen, he established Criteo’s first subsidiary in Oceania. With the aim of facilitating access to innovation in the healthcare sector, Marc joined Lifen in 2016, where he oversees business operations and all strategic affairs.

Hélène Gautier

Chief of Staff

Hélène discovered digital health while still in Business school. Passionate about the social impact of innovative solutions, she later co-founded an organisation that advocates for women in developing countries. She joined Lifen in 2017 to help bring the best of modern-day technology to the healthcare sector.

Charles Dupuis

Chief Financial Officer

Charles is an experienced financial advisor. Over the past decade, he held various positions as an auditor and consultant in both multinational and mid-cap companies. As Lifen’s CFO, he is one of the driving forces behind the company’s significant growth and continuous successful rounds of financing.


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