Lifen's C-suite

Franck Le Ouay

Co-founder & CEO

Franck is an acclaimed engineer and entrepreneur. He co-founded Criteo in 2004, one of the most successful European adtech start-ups listed on Nasdaq since 2013. In 2015, he co-founded Lifen to help remove the obstacles to innovation in the health sector.

Alexandre Huckert

Co-founder & COO

Alex began his career as an entrepreneur and product manager in Silicon Valley. Upon moving back to Europe, he co-founded Planning de Garde, a shift management app for healthcare professionals. In 2015, he joined forces with Franck and Etienne to launch Lifen.

Etienne Depaulis

Co-founder & Acting CTO

Etienne is driven engineer and software architect. He is also a prolific entrepreneur with a passion for healthcare and disruptive technologies. He co-founded Planning the Garde with Alex, prior to embracing a new challenge that we now know as Lifen.

Maria Camila Santamaria

Chief Human Ressource Officer

Camila is a multilingual Human Resources professional with a decade of experience in both large-scale multinational companies and start-ups alike. Recognised for her outstanding leadership and management skills, she specialises in talent acquisition and development.

Marc Xavier

Chief Revenue Officer

Marc is a recognised business expert with a wealth of experience in large digital companies. Prior to joining Lifen, he established Criteo’s first subsidiary in Oceania. With the aim of facilitating access to innovation in the healthcare sector, Marc joined Lifen in 2016, where he oversees business operations and all strategic affairs.

Charles Dupuis

Chief Financial Officer

Charles is an experienced financial advisor. Over the past decade, he held various positions as an auditor and consultant in both multinational and mid-cap companies. As Lifen’s CFO, he is one of the driving forces behind the company’s significant growth and continuous successful rounds of financing.

Lifen's UK team

Andrew Adabie

Senior Business Development Manager

An executive with a multi award winning record of growing businesses for companies across Pharmaceutical, MedTech CRM, and more recently Digital health.

Vanessa Le Roy

Head of International Expansion

A multi-skilled IT engineer, Vanessa has a vast experience working at the intersection of healthcare IT and medical device solutions. Over the past decade, she has helped develop and deploy the latest health technologies in the EU/ MEA/ Singapore/ Japan/ Australia region.

Rayane Benabdeljalil

Pre-sales Engineer

Rayane is responsible for understanding the technical challenges and translating them into customer solutions for Lifen's UK service offerings.

Andy Kinnear


Andy Kinnear is former Health & Care Chief Information Officer (CIO) with 30 years’ experience with the NHS. He has a successful track record of delivering frontline information & technology strategy and solutions and a wholehearted commitment to improving the health and care system. Andy has worked at local, regional and national levels within the NHS helping shape policy & strategy that focussed on improving the lives of patients, public and the care professional serving them. Andy left his full-time role with NHS in March 2020 to develop a portfolio career and now works supporting companies eager to support the NHS in its mission.

Dr Gurnak Dosanjh


As an NHS General Practitioner, Gurnak is deeply passionate about utilizing digital innovation to address health inequalities. His career is rich and varied, spanning clinical practice, leadership, education, and advisory roles, all of which complement his commitment to holistic healthcare.For Gurnak, patient empowerment takes center stage. He is a staunch advocate for ensuring that patients are the focal point of healthcare innovation, with their needs guiding every transformative initiative. His driving force is the belief that digital healthcare should serve as a means to bridge gaps in access and care, rather than exacerbate existing disparities. Gurnak is dedicated to fostering a healthcare landscape that is inclusive and equitable for all.

Paul Maubach MSc CPFA


Paul is an experienced CEO, professional accountant, non-executive and senior advisor inhealthcare with over 30 years working in the NHS.During his NHS career he led many improvement programmes, partnerships and organisationalrestructures to deliver more effective services and better patient outcomes including leadingthe Black Country healthcare system, providing £3b services for 1.5m people, during the COVIDpandemic.He has extensive experience in the commissioning, integration and development of healthcareand led one of the NHS national new care model vanguards which placed general practice at thecentre of integrating primary, community and social care services.Paul runs his own management consultancy and has been a senior advisor to both NHS Englandand the Department of Health & Social Care on Integrated Care System collaboration andfinancial strategy; and primary care delivery respectively.


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