The management team

Franck Le Ouay

Co-founder & CEO

Franck Le Ouay is a French engineer and entrepreneur. He began his career in the US at Microsoft. In 2005, he co-founded Criteo, which became one of the world's leading digital marketing companies. Criteo is now a public company listed on Nasdaq since 2013.He then co-founded Lifen in 2015, to accelerate the digital revolution in the healthcare sector.

Alexandre Huckert

Co-founder & COO

An entrepreneur trained in Silicon Valley, he went on to found shift scheduling app "Planning de Garde".
Today, he wants to ensure that all healthcare professionals are able to work efficiently and have access to the best innovation to help with patient care.

Etienne Depaulis

Co-founder & Senior Engineer

The multi-entrepreneur with a passion for disruptive technologies founded Planning de Garde with Alexandre Huckert. Now, he guides his teams through the construction of Lifen's technological components.

Egbert Schillings

Chief International Expansion Officer

Egbert is Chief International Business Development Officer at Lifen. He is a business leader with 20 years in the global healthcare industry, across payers, provider systems, best practice research, and consulting. What drives him is a profound impatience with the pace of positive change in creating quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable.

Maria Camila Santamaria

Chief Human Ressource Officer

Maria Camila is a multilingual HR Manager with 3 years of experience in multinational and start-up companies on the implementation of processes such as talent acquisition, benefits & compensation, talent development and change management. Excellent leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Dali Kilani

Chief Technical Officer

A recognized technologist, Dali spent 12 years at exponentially growing American startups. He has set himself the challenge of raising security at Lifen to the most demanding levels.

Marc Xavier

Chief Revenue Officer

With a wealth of experience in large digital companies, he notably created the Criteo subsidiary in Australia.
Today, Marc is in charge of all the commercial and operations teams at Lifen. He wants to facilitate access to innovation in all French healthcare organisations and, in the future, European healthcare organisations.

Charles Dupuis

Chief Financial Officer

Charles is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with 8 years of experience in finance roles serving mid caps & tech companies. He is a cornerstone of the company's growth and fundraisings.

Guillaume Laguette

Chief Marketing Officer

Guillaume Laguette is a marketing executive with over 10 years of experience. A veteran of managing consumer brands (Danone, Reckitt) and SaaS B2B. Guillaume spent 4 years as the head of marketing for Work4, which is specialized in HR technology. Since 2019, he has spearheaded the marketing strategy at Lifen as Chief Marketing Officer.