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Strategic partnership between Gustave Roussy, Europe's leading cancer research hospital and Lifen: a major step forward in accelerating oncology research using Artificial Intelligence.

Gustave Roussy chooses Lifen as a strategic partner to accelerate oncology research using Artificial Intelligence.


Gustave Roussy, Europe's leading cancer research centre and the fourth largest in the world, and Lifen, a start-up with expertise in AI and e-health solutions, are proud to announce the signature of a framework agreement aimed at facilitating and accelerating clinical research projects. The partnership is part of the France 2030 plan to make France the leading country for clinical research in Europe. The France 2030 program dedicates a €7.5 billion budget to healthcare,  focusing on innovation and transformation in the sector as part of a broader €54 billion plan to revitalize the French economy.

While the creation of large-scale medical databases is essential for the advancement of clinical research, data structuring remains complex.

To meet these challenges, Lifen launches a new solution enabling healtcare facilities to continuously analyse medical reports in order to identify patients eligible for a research project and to structure the data. This data is constantly updated with new information from the medical record. This gives research teams access to the latest up-to-date data, without any further action on their part.

Professor Fabrice Barlesi, Chief Executive Officer of Gustave Roussy

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This framework agreement follows an initial collaborative study carried out in May 2023, which demonstrated the full potential of the solution. The aim of the study was to compare the consistency between manual and automatic entry of patient information on a database of more than 7,200 data points. The solution proved to be more accurate than manual data entry and saved a considerable amount of time, with structuring time cut by a factor of 7.

Franck Le Ouay, CEO & co-founder of Lifen

Among the many research projects planned, the first is the LuCCC (Lung cancer Cohort Consortium using Cloud technology) project, which aims to create a leading database on lung cancer in France. It plans to include 5,000 patients by the end of 2024 through a number of investigating facilities, and to analyse their care pathways on the basis of more than 150 criteria.

This new capability to rapidly include a large number of patients in a research project offers unprecedented possibilities for improving knowledge and treatments for lung cancer.

Professor Benjamin Besse, Director of Clinical Research at Gustave Roussy

Vanessa Le Roy

Vanessa is a multi-skilled IT engineer with experience working at the intersection of healthcare IT and medical device solutions. Over the past decade, she has helped develop and deploy the latest health technologies in the EMEA region. As Lifen’s Head of International Product, she is in charge of developing Lifen’s document management and interoperability platform at a European scale.

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