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Anam'Note is a medical IT systems vendor specialising in Electronic Health Records. Anam'Note's EHR solution Acris is conceived to help hospitals feed patient information into a centralised system of record that is cost-effective for providers and time-efficient for staff. Acris structures health data, assist practitioners in using the correct nomenclature via coding assistance tools, and helps practitioners and specialists communicate and work together, among other key features.


% of practitioners experience burnout symptoms


% of a practitioner's time is spent on administrative tasks


% of EHRs are incomplete and not up-to-date

Through advanced interoperability, Lifen allows Anam'Note to extract patient information such as names and social security IDs from administration system databases to ensure a seamless match between files created on different systems. This improved data flow ensures Anam'Note's optimal (and much faster) integration into the existing IT ecosystem of any of Lifen's 780+ customer hospitals and clinics all over France.

Since interoperable systems allow for the automated transfer of all relevant information from one dashboard to the other, practitioners and administrative staff also see their daily lives significantly improved as routine tasks such as manually filing patient information and report results are made drastically easier and less time-consuming.

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