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BOTdesign optimises the care pathway with its unique patient follow-up platform, MAX. MAX uses cutting-edge algorithms exclusively conceived for specific conditions. MAX uses questionnaires to assess the severity of the patient’s symptoms and identify risk situations in a timely fashion. It assists practitioners in triaging patients based on the information collected and available resources. Practitioners also have access to a follow-up dashboard and secure messaging system they can use to seek expert opinions from their peers, among other features.


practitioner accounts


healthcare facilities


times faster to deploy with Lifen

With Lifen, MAX is now connected to all the ancillary systems in facilities where it is deployed via one single connector. It can also be integrated into additional facilities three times faster. Scaling is now significantly easier for BOTdesign and the user experience has never been this seamless!

Matching made easy

BOTdesign needs to ensure the correct matching of new user accounts to existing patient IDs within the facility’s Patient Administration System. Lifen ensures just that by allowing the data to flow through an HL7 data standards “Admit-Discharge-Transfer” query and a FHIR standard API.

A better follow-up With a fully interoperable Lifen Platform tool such as BOTdesign, practitioners can now more easily follow up with their patients and make sure that potential complications are flagged in a timely fashion. Throughout the entire process, Lifen ensures that no information is lost and that all logs are sent to the right place.

Back on the record

Once the follow-up cycle is completed, BOTdesign relies again on Lifen Platform’s document integration API to log the occurrence on the EHR. Once again, Lifen matches the patient ID to an existing EHR file and uploads a summary of the event to the system of record via an HL7 data flow known as ORU (Observation Result).

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