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Continuum+ is a company founded in February 2017 by field practitioners, drug and health IT specialists with the objective of ensuring continuity in the "hospital-city-home" therapeutic management of patients with chronic diseases. Continuum+ offers a "hospital-city-home" coordination and remote monitoring platform in SaaS mode in oncology that enables the collection of health data available on the move (IOS, Android). Translated with (free version)







Lifen will allow Continuum+ to query the institution's PAS to identify patients within the application through an HL7 ADT flow that feeds a patient database, which can then be queried via a FHIR API. Continuum+ can ensure better patient tracking by being able to query the PAS information whenever a patient changes departments, and by being able to ensure that the EHR is properly populated with patient responses within the application throughout the tracking process.

At the end of the care pathway, Continuum+ can transmit the patient's follow-up summary to the EHR. Lifen Connect Pro will allow hospitals to better manage users and access, and simplify access to the tool for practitioners through a unique identifier.


Coordinate and remotely monitor the patient's "hospital-city-home" journey‚Äć

To ensure proper monitoring of cancer treatments at home, the hospital and the practitioner connect on the health application.

The private nurse visits the patient's home to ensure the patient's good support.‚Äć


Collect information in a structured way within the application.‚Äć

The nurse collects the data and fills in the Continuum+ mobile application.

The different professionals who follow the patient (city or hospital) have access to all the information via the app's web platform.


Generate the summary sheet and secure the patient's return

When the follow-up is completed, the report is sent to the patient via Lifen Documents.

Thanks to Lifen Connect Patient, the patient can access it directly via his Online Space on Continuum+.

The report is also sent via Lifen Documents to the practitioner. The summary is then uploaded to the EHR via an API request through Lifen Platform, which then transmits it using an HL7 ORU flow within the institution's EHR.

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