Remote monitoring
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With Continuum+, patients benefit from the combined support of a core team that includes a registered nurse, a specialist pharmacist and the clinical team from the facility where they receive primary care. Digital support networks such as Continuum+ help avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital and empower people living with cancer to seek guidance, advice and support from professionals they trust from the comfort of their own homes. Hospitals and clinicians benefit from a user-friendly interface that allows them to monitor their patients’ treatment protocols easily and remotely assess their condition. This saves them precious time while still allowing for the timely flagging of situations where urgent care is needed.







With Lifen, Continuum+ can now extract patient information from the facility’s patient database and administration systems. This is vital to ensure that all Continuum+ accounts match existing patients already logged into the facility’s ancillary systems, and that data generated by the app finds its way into the system of record. The quality of care depends on it, and as such, Continuum+ needed a partner to make sure no information was lost, and that it was made accessible to the right people in real-time.

Home (care) is where the heart is

Patients can easily access their Continuum+ accounts via Lifen Connect, bypassing the need to create yet another account. The same thing applies to the care team, who now benefit from a solution that is seamlessly integrated into their regular software, including the Patient Administration System. As part of the Continuum+ follow-up services, patients benefit from regular visits from their assigned registered nurse.

No more messages in a bottle

Visiting nurses also see their reporting process made significantly more comfortable: all they need to do is log their input into the Continuum+ mobile app. Thanks to Lifen’s connectors, this data is sent to the primary care team in real-time and made available on the Continuum+ online platform.

A stairway to health

At the end of ‍the process, a PDF report is filed and sent to the patient and their primary care team via Lifen Sending. The same report is then processed and automatically ingested into the EHR via a FHIR API and an HL7 data standard “Observation Result” data flow set up by Lifen.

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