Remote monitoring, Care pathway management
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DirectoSuivi designs remote monitoring solutions that make patient follow-up for practitioners and patients alike. Mindful of those who are not familiar with smartphones and apps, DirectoSuivi’s solutions are conceived as user-friendly as can be, and offer multiple communication choices, such as SMS, in-app or phone chatbots. Once patient input is received a reviewed, a DirectoSuivi registered nurse calls back patients flagged as high-risk situations to provide expert advice and assess the need for medical intervention. If the latter is necessary, the patient’s primary physician can be put in direct contact with the patient via phone call, text message or video appointment.







Lifen ensures the liaison between DirectoSuivi and any healthcare facility where the app is deployed. Lifen’s interoperability expertise allows DirectoSuivi to retrieve patient information from the facility’s patient database so an account matching the existing patient ID can be automatically created. At the end of the line, a summary is also automatically sent to the EHR. All of this is made possible thanks to a set of connectors and APIs set up by Lifen Platform.

A match of two halves

It is essential that DirectoSuivi ensures that all patient accounts in their application match existing facility patients and that all data generated within their system finds its way back to their primary care team. To do this, Lifen uses an HL7 data standard “Admit-Discharge-Transfer” trigger that retrieves all the necessary info from ancillary Patient Administration Systems and sends it back to the app through a FHIR API.

A thorough follow-up

DirectoSuivi provides patients with a comprehensive repertoire of expert solutions for cancer patients, parents-to-be, people suffering from mental illness and those who have just been discharged from hospital after surgery, to name a few. As the patient’s situation evolves, they might gravitate between outpatient and inpatient care, independent and facility practitioners, and multiple specialist departments. As such, it is essential that all follow-up data is preserved and easily made available to the primary care team piloting the care pathway.

The one record one must not break

At the end of every patient interaction with DirectoSuivi, the resulting data is logged onto the patient’s Electronic Health Record via Lifen Platform. A summary of every occurrence is generated by DirectoSuivi and processed by Lifen’s Document Integration API, then ingested into the system of record via an HL7 “Observation Result” data flow.

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