Remote monitoring, Care pathway management
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DirectoSuivi is the solution for remote monitoring of patients cared for by healthcare institutions. It combines interactions by SMS chatbot guaranteeing 95% patient interaction, an algorithm for analysing responses identifying medical needs and the possibility of extending the telephone exchange into a teleconsultation without an application. DM, HDS, RGPD, DirectoSuivi is the #1 solution chosen by UniHA.







Lifen will allow DirectoSuivi to query the institution's PAS to identify patients within the application through an HL7 ADT flow that feeds a patient database, which can then be queried via a FHIR API. DirectoSuivi can ensure a better patient follow-up, by being able to request information from the PAS each time a patient changes service, and by being able to ensure the correct feeding of the EHR with the patients' answers within the application throughout the follow-up process. At the end of the care pathway, DirectoSuivi can transmit the patient follow-up summary to the EHR.


Enable correct patient identification and ensure patient follow-up during and after the hospital stay

To ensure the hospital sends the information from the PAS through an HL7 ADT flow via Lifen Platform, allowing the application to query the information to create the patient record.


Assuring the follow-up of appointments thanks to the tele-expertise reports

Thanks to this connection, the information within the PAS is transmitted via an HL7 ADT flow in Lifen Platform, feeding a patient database, which DirectoSuivi will be able to query later via a FHIR API.
DirectoSuivi enables doctors to monitor patients in oncology, haematology, outpatient care, RAAC and maternity. The application remotely accompanies all patients under the care of health institutions.
The number of chronic diseases is increasing. Care paths are becoming more complex and fragmented, requiring increasingly rigorous monitoring. With Lifen Platform, whatever the new service visited by the patient, the patient is uniquely identified within DirectoSuivi, guaranteeing reliable and unified information throughout their care pathway.

When the patient is transferred to another service, the information from the PAS is again sent through an HL7 ADT flow via Lifen Platform, allowing the application to query the information: the patient receives the notification and answers the questions. Each response is then fed back into the EHR via an HL7 ORU flow.


Feed information in a structured way into the EHR

Each time a questionnaire is filled in (on admission to hospital, after each change of department or at the end of the follow-up) DirectoSuivi associates the correct Patient record thanks to the information from the PAS brought up via Lifen Platform. At the end of the hospital stay, the end of follow-up summary is then uploaded to Lifen Platform via a request to Lifen's Document Integration API, then to the DPI via an HL7 ORU flow issued by Lifen.


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