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Omnidoc is a tele-expertise solution for health institutions and private doctors. In particular, it provides hospital services with an efficient, secure and remunerated tool for responding to requests for advice and management. Omnidoc facilitates the exchange of opinions, ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, relieves doctors of administrative tasks and allows the act to be valued. Deployed in 20 GHTs and used by 5,000 doctors, it accounts for 40% of the tele-expertise quoted on the national territory.







‚ÄćLifen will allow Omnidoc to query the institution's PAS to identify patients within the application through an HL7 ADT flow that feeds a patient database, which can then be queried via a FHIR API. At the end of the tele-expertise, Omnidoc can transmit the summary to the EHR.


Enable the correct patient identification and ensure its management during a new stay/patient event

To be sure of the correct identification of the patient and to follow his or her management, the institution uses the application.The hospital sends the information from the PAS through an HL7 ADT flow via Lifen Platform, allowing the application to query the information to complete the patient record.


Follow up appointments with tele-expertise reports

Thanks to this connection, the application will be able to associate the patient record present in the PAS at the time of account creation through an HL7 ADT flow that feeds a patient database, which can be queried thereafter via a FHIR API.

The doctor can then better sort and prioritise the requests for care within his solution. The application allows the decentralisation of medical expertise by exchanging with his usual correspondents or soliciting the networks of experts that have been set up on the platform around a pathology or a territory: SOS ECG, Tele HTA, Téléex Pallia...while centralising patient information within the hospital.


Feeding information in a structured way within the EHR.

At the end of the tele-expertise, Omnidoc sends the summary via a request on Lifen Platform's Document Integration API with the Patient's IPP/IEP. The summary is then uploaded to the EHR via an HL7 ORU flow.


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