Medical tele-expertise
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Omnidoc helps practitioners request expert opinions from their peers. With Omnidoc, resident practitioners can now easily seek guidance from peers anywhere in the country. Expert opinions are compensated and fully covered by the French national health insurance system. Omnidoc is used by more than 80 healthcare facilities and 15,000 independent practitioners, accounting for 40% of all tele-expertise in France.







With Lifen, the Omnidoc app can easily obtain the information it needs to match new medical queries to existing patient records from a Patient Administration System. This happens following the launch of a “trigger message” called Admit-Discharge-Transfer in the HL7 data standard. The said “trigger” runs through a patient database, and a FHIR API (set up by Lifen) sends the necessary info back to Omnidoc. Once we reach the end of the process, Omnidoc generates a summary of the occurrence, which is fed directly into the EHR.

It’s a match!

When working with multiple systems and third-party services, the care team must ensure that every new expertise request issued ties back to a specific patient. It is essential that they keep track of all procedures and handle administrative aspects such as insurance invoicing. Thanks to Lifen Platform, this entire process is now much easier: behind the scenes and without additional human intervention, information flows securely from the Patient Administration System to Omnidoc and back into the record that matches the patient ID. ‍

Better care, anywhere

With a fully interoperable Lifen Platform tool such as Omnidoc, practitioners can reach out to their own local network or request input from highly specific expertise circles anywhere in the country. This is particularly useful for independent surgeries in remote areas where medical resources are limited. Throughout the entire process, Lifen ensures that no information is lost.

Back on the record

Once the process is completed, Omnidoc relies again on Lifen Platform’s document integration API to log the occurrence on the EHR. Once again, Lifen matches the patient ID to an existing record and uploads a summary of the event to the system of record via an HL7 data flow known as ORU (Observation Result).

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