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Pixacare is a young innovative company in the field of digital health. Created in 2019 by a Professor of Medicine and two engineers, the startup publishes a platform for monitoring skin pathologies. With its remote monitoring module that provides a link between the city and the hospital, Pixacare addresses the problem of monitoring chronic wounds as well as their automated documentation by artificial intelligence.







‚ÄćLifen will allow Pixacare to query the institution's PAS to identify patients within the application through an HL7 ADT flow that feeds a patient database, which Pixacare can then query via a FHIR API. At the end of the tele-monitoring, the summary of all the exchanges with the patient is then sent to the PAS via a Pixacare transmission on the Lifen API, then translated by an HL7 ORU flow to the institution's EHR.


Take charge of the follow-up of skin pathologies by ensuring the correct patient identification

To monitor the healing of a post-operative or chronic wound of its patients, the institution uses the health application.The hospital sends the information from the PAS through an HL7 ADT flow via Lifen Platform, allowing the application to query the information to complete the patient record.


Provide full remote monitoring in the Pixacare solution

Through this connection, the application will be able to associate the patient record present in the PAS at the time of the patient's account creation, and start the beginning of the remote monitoring within its solution.The doctor can then follow the evolution of chronic wounds via a photo system.The artificial intelligence developed within the application allows the doctor to measure the size of the wound, describe its contents and detect potential healing complications.The startup's web platform then allows the medical photo library to be securely accessed, annotated and then securely shared again.


Feeding information in a structured way into the EHR.

At the end of the care pathway, Pixacare sends the follow-up summary via a request to Lifen Platform's Document Integration API. The summary is then uploaded to the EHR via an HL7 ORU flow.


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