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Pixacare is an app that allows for the remote monitoring of skin injuries, such as incision sites and catheter trauma. All it takes is a quick snapshot of the affected area, and Artificia lIntelligence does the rest: it detects the size and extension of the injury, analyses its colour, detects the healing stage and generates a preliminary report that is sent to the care team.







Thanks to Lifen, the Pixacare app is now connected to the facility’s Patient Administration System. As such, it can match new users to their existing patient ID within the facility. This happens following the launch of a “trigger message” called Admit-Discharge-Transfer in the HL7 data standard. This process allows Pixacare to automatically obtain the information it needs from any ancillary patient database, which is safely sent back to the app via a FHIR API, also set up by Lifen.

A seamless flow Facilities use Pixacare to monitor a number of conditions and the healing progress of skin trauma such as surgical incisions, catheter trauma and chronic wounds, to name a few. Thanks to Lifen, all the necessary information now flows seamlessly between ancillary systems and the Pixacare app, ensuring that patient accounts match between systems and that no information is lost whatsoever. ‍

Monitoring skin trauma, simplified

Now that all the necessary connectors are in place, it’s time to let the magic of a thoughtfully conceived remote monitoring solution happen! Patients can benefit from the attentive follow-up of their care team from the comfort of their homes, by simply snapping a clear picture of the afflicted area and hitting send. The practitioner in charge receives the said photo via Pixacare, and benefit from the assistance of Pixacare’s Artificially Intelligence. The latter processes the photo and generates helpful data to help the practitioner measure the afflicted area, determine its healing stage and notice complications early. Pixacare’s web platform also allows for the care team to securely access their patients’ photos, add notes and share them with other specialists.

Full circle

An essential part of any care pathway is the logging of any situation and associated data into the system of record. With Lifen, this is now also much easier and fully automated. Once we reach the end of the care pathway and the situation has been assessed and handled by a practitioner, Pixacare generates a summary of the occurrence for future reference. The said summary, which flows through Lifen Integration’s dedicated API, is directly ingested into the EHR via an HL7 ORU flow. All of this happens behind the scenes, saving healthcare staff precious time and energy.

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