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Resilience is an app that helps people living with cancer and heart disease find answers to their questions and reassurance in times of heightened anxiety and concern. With Resilience, patients can benefit from a comprehensive library of articles, videos and podcasts produced by leading cancer specialists. Thanks to the application’s in-built smart detection system, potential complications and risk situations are detected earlier and immediately brought to the attention of the primary care team. Resilience was developed in conjunction with France’s leading cancer research institute - Gustave Roussy - and is a CE-marked medical device.







With Lifen, practitioners and patients no longer need to create yet another online account to access Resilience - by simply logging in via Lifen Connect using their credentials they can now reap the full benefits of the app, minus the extra administrative steps. They also benefit from full system interoperability: data flows smoothly between databases, administration systems and records with only minimal human intervention. This saves everyone precious time and energy, enhances data security and avoids the loss of any vital information.

A straightforward patient follow-up solution

Resilience being fully interoperable with all the necessary ancillary IT systems, practitioners can easily create patient accounts that are directly linked to existing facility patients and their patient database ID. This doesn’t require any extra steps on their part. As for patients, they no longer need to go through the motions of signing up and filling in their personal information - this is already done for them so they can begin using the app straight away.

Optimal patient management is just a click away

On the Lifen Admin console, the care team now have a dashboard with an overview of all their patients and the latest updates on their individual situations. This also allows them to retrieve patient-generated data from the Resilience app in a single click.

Smart EHR ingestion

Data collected through Resilience’s questionnaires is compiled by the app into a PDF report that is then shared via Lifen Sending with the primary care team for review. At the end of the line, and thanks to Lifen’s connectors, the final report is ingested into the EHR through an HL7 data standard “Observation result” flow.

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