Care Pathway Management
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Wefight specialises in the development of applications - Vik companions - to accompany patients in their care and reduce therapeutic wandering. Wefight values the voice of the patient, his needs and expectations thanks to studies conducted on the basis of real-life data via questionnaires sent to target patients. The "MedVik" platform for doctors makes the care process more fluid: the interface allows hospital practitioners to view their patients' data in real time to improve patient follow-up and limit undesirable events.







Lifen will allow MedVik by Wefight to query the institution's PAS to identify patients within the application through an HL7 ADT flow that feeds a patient database, which can then be queried via a FHIR API. Vik by Wefight can ensure a better patient follow-up, by being able to query the information from the PAS, and by being able to ensure the correct feeding of the EHR with the patients' responses within the application throughout the follow-up process. At the end of the care pathway, Wefight can transmit the patient follow-up summary to the EHR via an HL7 MDM flow.

The patient creates an account on the MedVik application by Wefight with his name, first name and date of birth

To ensure proper identification of the patient and to ensure proper follow-up of the patient, the institution connects via Lifen Platform using Lifen connectors that allow the patient record to be populated within the solution.The hospital sends a QR code to the patient so that the patient can connect to the MedVik application via Wefight.


Follow up the patient

Once the patient has scanned the QR Code transmitted by the hospital, the doctor in charge of the follow-up validates the patient record.Thanks to this connection, the application will be able to associate the patient record present in the PAS at the time of account creation through an HL7 ADT flow that feeds a patient database, which can be queried later via a FHIR API.


To feed information in a structured way within the EHR

Each time a questionnaire is filled in (daily and weekly )MedVik by Wefight associates the right Patient record thanks to the information from the PAS brought up via Lifen Platform. At the end of the follow-up, the summary is then brought back to Lifen Platform through a request on Lifen's Document Integration API, and then to the EHR via an HL7 MDM flow issued by Lifen.


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