Care Pathway Management
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Wefight develops applications - Vik Companions - that assist patients throughout the care pathway. A Vik Companion is a smart chatbot that offers a wealth of clinically-approved advice and resources to help patients manage their symptoms and feel less alone. Wefight conceived its Vik Companions based on comprehensive research and data collected from real-life patient questionnaires. Wefight also offers a platform for practitioners - MedVik - that gathers real-time patient data and allows the care team to follow up with their patients and quickly identify risk situations.







Thanks to Lifen, MedVik by Wefight can now communicate with a given facility’s Patient Administration System. This allows for the easy and seamless procuring of the patient ID via an HL7 ADT flow. The latter feeds on the patient database, which can now be “questioned” via FHIR API. The data generated by the Vik by Wefight app can also now be fed into the patient’s respective EHR using the same patient ID, via an HL7 MDM flow. This makes their clinical follow-up significantly easier.

Easy sign-up

The facility must ensure that the patient’s identifying information matches that of an already existing patient in their Patient Administration System. This is all done behind the scenes via Lifen Platform and the specific connectors that allow different systems to communicate with each other. Once a match occurs, a QR code is generated and sent to the patient so they can connect to the MedVik app.

One click to sync all systems

Once the patient has scanned their QR code, their assigned follow-up practitioner approves and activates their account. The app, the facility’s administrative database and the EHR system are now connected.

EHR ingestion

MedVik by Wefight asks the patient to regularly fill in surveys designed to assess their symptoms and the progress of their condition, as well as to flag situations where urgent intervention is needed. Thanks to Lifen’s connectors, the information gathered through such surveys then flows back from the app via Lifen to the facility’s EHR.

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