Care Pathway Management
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Yooli is a care pathway management solution that saves healthcare staff time while drastically improving the experience of patients admitted to the hospital or recently discharged. With Yooli Patient Portal, patients are encouraged to complete administrative procedures from the comfort of their own homes. This reduces stress, limits the possibility of contagion with healthcare-associated infections by speeding up the admission process, and helps patients know beforehand what to expect before, during and after their hospital stay. Through their online dashboard, they can also follow up with their care team remotely via teleconsultation or chat, securely share medical documents and obtain advice to help them navigate home care.


patients use Yooli


hospital pre-admissions forms filled in with Yooli


faster to deploy with Lifen

In joining Lifen Platform, Yooli can now be deployed three times faster in hospital IT systems. As the sole project manager, Lifen handles all interoperability and scaling challenges behind the scenes so more patients can benefit from Yooli Patient Portal’s valuable features while ensuring optimal data security and full regulatory compliance. This also saves Yooli, an up-and-coming health tech start-up, invaluable time and energy that can now be focused entirely on improving and expanding its offer of care pathway management features.

Since the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, care pathway and hospital workflow management solutions are in high demand. Providers seek innovative solutions that can simplify and streamline bureaucratic procedures, shorten the time patients spend in waiting rooms pre-admission, and free medical staff from repetitive tasks. Enter Yooli, a smart patient portal with online pre-admission, telemedicine and messaging features. By offering a fully interoperable service, Yooli can now reach its full potential as a highly dependable digital health solution. Interoperability comes with the additional benefit of improved user-friendliness, a precursor to user adoption at a scale.

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