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Anam'Note joins Lifen Platform

Leading Health IT expert with a proven expertise in EHR systems can now be deployed much faster


A strategic growth partnership to bring innovation to hospitals country-wide

Paris, September 14 2022 | Lifen, France's fastest-growing health interoperability start-up, announced today a new partnership with Anam'Note, a medical IT systems vendor specialising in Electronic Health Records. Anam'Note's EHR solution Acris is conceived to help hospitals feed patient information into a centralised system of record that is cost-effective for providers and time-efficient for staff. Acris structures health data, assist practitioners in using the correct nomenclature via coding assistance tools, and helps practitioners and specialists communicate and work together, among other key features.

In joining Lifen Platform, Anam'Note can now be deployed three times faster in hospital IT systems. As the sole project manager, Lifen handles all interoperability and scaling challenges behind the scenes so more practitioners can benefit from Acris' valuable features while ensuring optimal data security and full regulatory compliance. This also saves Anam'Note invaluable time and energy their team can now use to focus on what they do best: improving and expanding their electronic record solutions.

"Our EHR solutions bring a plethora of useful features to the table. Developing each new feature is a long process that requires deploying all of our resources to deliver a product that is as performative and user-friendly as can be. Trusting Lifen with all interoperability aspects and challenges means that we can shift our focus to other aspects such as innovating," commented Charles-Antoine Robert, Anam'Note's CEO.

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Scaling faster by allowing data to flow

Anam'Note's EHR system helps optimise patient follow-up and the consistency of the care pathway. To do this, the solution must access data stored in ancillary systems such as patient databases, patient administration software and legacy patient record software.

Through advanced interoperability, Lifen allows Anam'Note to extract patient information such as names and social security IDs from administration system databases to ensure a seamless match between files created on different systems. This is achieved via an HL7 data standard "Admit-Discharge-Transfer" trigger message and a FHIR standard API. A similar flow happens at the end of the line when practitioners enter their notes and report onto the Anam'Note application; a document integration API and an HL7 "Observation Result" trigger feed the final report generated within the app into the facility's legacy EHR system.

This improved data flow ensures Anam'Note's optimal (and much faster) integration into the existing IT ecosystem of any of Lifen's 700+ customer hospitals and clinics all over France. Since interoperable systems allow for the automated transfer of all relevant information from one dashboard to the other, practitioners and administrative staff also see their daily lives significantly improve as routine tasks such as manually filing patient information and report results are made drastically easier and less time-consuming.

How Lifen makes Anam'Note interoperable with legacy systems

"We are delighted to count Anam'Note amidst our list of partner app-based digital health solutions. Anam'Note is a valuable addition to Lifen Platform and an exceedingly helpful complentary solution to our partner telehealth and assisted diagnosis applications. We are thankful for their trust, and excited to help them scale and grow over the coming months," stated Franck Le Ouay, Lifen's CEO.

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