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Conex Santé joins Lifen Platform

Network-based telemedicine solution Conex joins France’s leading interoperability platform


Medical reach-back made easier

Paris, September 22, 2022 | Lifen, France's fastest-growing health interoperability start-up, announced today a new partnership with Conex Santé, a digital health solution that makes the sharing of clinical knowledge between specialists, general practitioners and paramedics faster and easier. Conceived by leading medical sector professionals, Conex Santéoffers an all-in-one platform with multiple features: diagnostic reach-back, remote appointments, assisted remote appointments, remote follow-up and remote buccodental care.

In joining Lifen Platform, Conex Santé can now be deployed three times faster in hospital IT systems. As the sole project manager, Lifen handles all interoperability and scaling challenges behind the scenes so more practitioners can benefit from the software’s valuable features while ensuring optimal data security and full regulatory compliance. This also saves Conex Santé invaluable time and energy their team can now use to focus on what they do best: improving and expanding their offer of remote expertise and digital follow-up tools.

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A seamless and secure data flow between systems

Conex Santé’s innovative platform allows healthcare professionals to reach back to peers and specialists or camera, via a secure messaging system or by setting up an appointment. It also has dedicated multidisciplinary professional networks by area to ensure an optimal and comfortable patient follow-up and provides an easy valuation system for expert opinions or procedures requested and provided via the platform.

Through advanced interoperability, Lifen allows Conex Santé to ensure an optimal patient-to-outpatient follow-up. In joining France’s most performative and fastest-growing interoperability platform, Conex Santé benefits from a single connection that offers endless possibilities: Lifen’s FHIR standard data flows and APIs connect Conex Santé to a network of over 700 hospitals and clinics that can now deploy Conex Santé into their existing IT systems and exploit this valuable solution optimally. The latter can now scale their business much faster and see their solution’s user adoption significantly boosted.

Lifen achieved this behind the scenes via a set of connectors that create a sort of “data highway”: Conex Santé obtains patient information such as names and social security IDs from administration system databases to ensure a seamless match between files created on different systems. This is achieved via an HL7 data standard "Admit-Discharge-Transfer" trigger message. A similar flow happens at the end of the line when a final report is generated within the  Conex Santé application - a document integration API and an HL7 "Observation Result" trigger feed this document back into the facility's legacy EHR system to ensure that no information is lost along the care pathway.

The benefits transcend the quality of care: since interoperable systems allow for the automated transfer of all relevant information from one system to the other, practitioners and administrative staff also see their daily lives significantly improve as routine tasks such as manually filing patient information and report results are made drastically easier and less time-consuming.

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