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Interoperability as a Service: rethinking the integration of solutions when faced with the new challenges of the care system

The main problem lies in an integration model that is struggling to meet the challenges of rapid use and deployment.


Today, bringing innovation into hospitals is not an easy task. The main problem lies in an integration model that is struggling to meet the challenges of rapid use and deployment, both in hospitals and digital health apps.

In terms of e-health solutions, there are numerous compliance and security requirements to be met in order to operate in such a sensitive market “Start-ups are not necessarily proficient in interoperability standards or identity monitoring requirements. ”, said Christine Pichon, CIO Rennes Hospital*.*

For institutions, interconnecting hospital information systems and digital health apps involves the internal management of the configuration, testing, security and monitoring phases, and therefore assuming the resulting costs. And the increase of innovative solutions does not help. “We need to be able to pool access management for our users and to be able to expose APIs from our business software to solution providers to increase efficiency while ensuring a sufficient level of security”, Christine Pichon pointed out.

It is this dual challenge that Lifen is responding to through its Interoperability as a Service platform, which proposes complementing the existing interoperability infrastructure within hospital information systems (i.e. EAI), in order to offer an integration environment for innovative e-health solutions, compatible with the SaaS approach that is increasingly imposed on the market.

Since 2015, Lifen has been developing digital solutions that allow every healthcare professional instant access to the most relevant health data and innovations to provide the best care. Lifen, the leading MSSanté issuer, equips more than 40% of hospitals and clinics, and has already developed more than 500 connectors to facilitate data exchange (PAS, EHR).

This detailed knowledge of hospital information systems enables it to handle any new integration project intelligently, and to build connections in record time.

“When working with a new service provider, we usually need to plan for at least 1 month of preparation in order to set up a dynamic framework and start the first tests. With Lifen, this dynamic framework is clearly in place and the contact points are well identified. We share the same environments at the Regional Hospital Group level, which makes it possible to deploy tests much faster - we need 2 days of work on the first connector then 3 hours for the second, etc.”, said Philippe Ouvrard, Director of Digital Services at the Territorial Hospital Group in Vendée.

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“Innovation will adopt increasingly different forms. Interoperability efforts will therefore be greater and greater. To provide the best services to the patient, the best solutions must be assembled to help healthcare professionals, regardless of their specialty. " said Dali Kilani, CTO of Lifen. “We provide digital health apps for APIs that simplify their integration. On the other hand, we help hospitals to connect to our platform in a unique way, so that they do not have to integrate solutions differently with each new project. ”

This transition to the SaaS model provides 4 major benefits - better scalability, security and service reliability, and standardization enabling compliance with the interoperability standards in force.

Created in the cloud, Lifen’s platform enables easy scaling, regardless of the load. Real-time updates without service interruption make it easier to identify and address vulnerabilities. An additional guarantee for the protection of patient and healthcare professional data. “Lifen helped me set up a bridge with my EHR. This allows better integration and completeness of patient files. For each incident, I receive an email from our project manager. So together we solve the problem as quickly as possible to avoid data loss. I am more relaxed and know that this interoperability part is monitored by the professionals at Lifen. ", said Michael Noto, IT Manager of the Renaison clinic.

These advantages make it possible to commit to SLAs offering 99.9% availability for connections. With Lifen, the interconnections between hospital information systems and solutions are always operational. “Lifen is the element of digital care that pioneers like Betterise have long awaited - we focus on developing state-of-the-art remote surveillance tools for patients with chronic diseases, and Lifen makes deployment possible. ” said Paul-Louis Belletante, CEO of Betterise

This evolution of the integration model is not achieved at the cost of the security of hospital information systems, on the contrary. Lifen's solution, certified for healthcare data hosting, ensures the separation of flows connected to third-party digital health apps and monitors them at both the technical and business level. It gives hospitals total control over these exchanges while relieving them of the responsibility of the associated technical elements.

Nathan Veyret

Brand content manager @Lifen. Après 3 ans d'expérience en agence de communication corporate, il gère à présent l'image de marque de Lifen.

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